I can’t help where I go in my sleep

Up your moss clogged gutters

To suckle the smoky spit from the concrete

Of your sill

The window you will open to breathe

Some nights I wind inside your nostrils, down your windpipe

A snake in possession of your insides

But some nights I will only sit beside you mouthing wordless songs

Other evenings sneak under your covers to await your return

So I can wrap myself around your sleeping form

A cocoon of not quite tangible body

I wonder if you do the same with me

An infinity

Of you within me within you within me

We don’t coach journey here

We travel by submarine

Arrange to meet just before unconsciousness

Where the Ocean takes us

Back to back staring out at monsters

Rippling behind glass

Daylight hanging before fangs

Whales the size of Regent Street

And sharks shining like wet Birmingham concrete


6 thoughts on “WHEN GHOSTS SLEEP

  1. I agree that is why I believe so passionately that what goes in…..through the eyes visually, through the mind – what we read and absorb of all things including the hype of news and violence, and how we interact with the ones around….human or even animals. etc. does matter. Haunting dreams can also indicate unresolved issues within our own lives. hearts bound by unforgiveness often are angry and suppress it in the natural and act out violence in their dreams. Creative people often get their greatest inspiration from their dreams BUT……..this does need to be harnessed again by what is processed by the brain in ordinary life. Powerful poem!.


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