She has not yet learnt how sunrise breaks

Slips loose of grip

To ungive.

She breaks in shards

White knuckles, twinkling more primal than glass

Eyes rolled back to their whites

Eels tying themselves into knots

Of toxic shock under her skin.

She refuses tide

A lake for the children to skate across

She refuses sunshine

She wants to keep every one of their footprints.

They roll her balled fists into effigies

To offer scarves and hats and carrots.

The boys throw rocks at her freeze

Shatter the puddles where her breath bubbles

She kisses them with bruises, bumps

Becomes untouchable beneath them

Sends the blood from their fingers, toes

The hot swell of its rush reminds her of

The icicle she once lost in someone’s mouth.

She wishes she could keep their imprints

Fast like rock.

She spits at the sun

As it paints her chest gold

Reveals the grit beneath

The city splashes her back into its gutters

And the clouds gather her remains

To scatter somewhere out to sea.



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