Glitter Ghosts


Be set and sotted

Be bearable.

Be little, be holden

Be got, be trothed and token

Be ware-

Beacon upon beachhead, berth

Besieged and benevolent

Beast of Burden.

Bent beneath belligerent

Bears with beards, beefcakes.

Belted beyond berserk.

Bestowed upon,

Bereaved, Belaboured

In beehives of bedsheets

By bevved up bedbugs.

Bedevilled, bewitched.

Bellow, bent below.

Be low.


Below her

Be wails,

Beggarly wails

Betray her

Beg her

With benedictions

Be light and

Be tide

Beget your belated-

Be bedlam

Bewildering as berries

Befelled as be beetles,

Be loved, be belchy

Behemoth and bellifull-

Bellow your heights.

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