[I wrote this just after the shooting in June, but couldn’t bring myself to post it until now]

Grief cannot undo this

Cannot pick the bullets from their bodies.

I keep thinking of who wiped their blood

From the walls and floor of that

Temple and how they brought themselves to do so.

Leave it

Leave it

I imagine the wounded begging of the doctors

As their bullet holes were managed.

Nothing’s going to bleach the blood from their memory.

The sacrilege of bodies, and that place that only intended love


2 thoughts on “FOR ORLANDO (PULSE)

  1. I live an hour away from Orlando. Two days before Pulse, Christina Grimmie was murdered in Orlando after a show. It was shocking and horrifying, yet violence continues to claim lives every day.


    1. I’m so sorry! I’m from Britain so we don’t experience shootings in such a personal way, I think Pulse just affected a lot of people because it was such an attack on a loving community. I can’t even begin to understand it still.


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