MEASURABLE (Beat poem)

Generation documented

Worth objective

Quantified by statistics

Likes, comments, shares.

Symmetrically edited.

Bloody-fingered women

Stitch labels like white flags

On the inside of clothes

Sewn by children,

Their own seams ripped.

Surrender to the convenience

Stores, spend what you are worth.

Minimum wage

Birthed post coded

Pre-packaged, prison bound

Benefit frauds.

Starved on living wage.

War torn healthcare

Mercy-cries demonised

By headlines

Closed eyed in prayer

For a working class

No longer with work

To suspend their care


I could never learn the Times

Tables. I can’t quantify this,

Factor in the

Heavy scales.

I can barely count my

Calories. Figure what time-

Time is money-

But I know every few seconds

Something terrible happens.

A woman is raped

A child starves

A man gets shot in the street.

I’m no good with statistics,

Comments, likes, shares.

I can’t measure my care-

But it’s something like

The few centimetres in diameter

The fundraiser in the street

Told me the average African child’s wrist

Has been malnourished to.

My worth objective

An oil spill

A bad investment

The pollution

Of just existing-

Wired up, explicit

To generation documented

Apathetic to anything but

Our own measurements.

Comments, likes, shares.


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