We tried to perceive it all as we had when we were children: the Sea Life centre. The excitement was the same, we gasped and pressed our noses against the glass. Giggled and pointed. There was a lack of innocence there. As I watched you, at the other side of the tank. The captive jellyfish crawling over your silhouette, shining with sinister intent. This is the stage in evolution where we developed nervous systems. I think about pain electric in their tendrils, shocking through you. Brilliant blue. We’ve watched too many documentaries to not understand the perfect design of each being as predatory. And it’s beautiful. Sickeningly fearful, and beautiful. How everything is hunted and digested and decayed and has its purpose, it’s place. Yet there is this thrill never lost, this tiny streaking will to live. It makes me want to kiss you. Your lips dark blue through the water, the whites of your eyes raised to follow the menacing shapes around you.


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