Rows of sandy toes burried
Like feet can grow shoots,
Like sand never moves.
The Ocean creeps forward,
Weedkiller on its frothing lips.

Dishevelled figures stand on a Welsh beach
Swallowing their fists.
Ribs crack, bars of a cage you can bleed through.
Aborting bodies from your blood.
Not recognising your friends, blinking through crimson,
To soothe your heartbeats
Into the rythem of the first song
Your bones memorised as home.

All of our bruised knuckles
Rise like the sandunes
Where we buried embers
Of the fires we burnt bright
Against the endless black sky.
Enhaling its smoke to hide
The forest blooming in our lungs.

We watch the Ocean’s steady approach,
Salty arms waving
Which is it this time?
Hello or Goodbye?


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